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These Terms of Service apply to you as a participant who is a Comrade-cash user. As a registered user, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions of these Terms of Service. The Terms of Service may be amended without prior notice to users.

User account
1.1. The User is solely responsible for the security of the password chosen by him, and also independently ensures the confidentiality of his password.
1.2. You can have only one account. Any attempt to create more than one account will result in its closure.
1.3. Users must provide accurate information about their personal data.

Payments to users
2.1. All payments will be made via Payeer. Currently, no other payment method is available.
2.2. The processing time of your requests for payment can reach three working days.
2.3. The minimum payout is 0.1 USD. The maximum one-time payment is 3 USD.
2.4. In addition, there is a daily limit on total payments from the our project. This will be limit varies depending on the project reserve.
2.5. The payment system may deduct the commission from the withdrawal amount.
2.6. We are only responsible for sending your payment to the payment system. Any actions after that must be processed by the payment system support service.
2.7. You must have a valid and existing payment system ID. All payments will be credited directly to the ID you specified and cannot be canceled.
2.8. Any refunds by you of any payments that we send to you will be ignored and they will not be added back to your account or sent again.
2.9. For security reasons, Comrade-cash reserves the right to postpone or cancel any payment request and request additional information from the participant.
2.10. The administration does not guarantee the stability of payments. However, we will try to ensure the fulfillment of payment obligations with the help of all the funds of the project, as long as these funds exist.
2.11. Any attempts to manipulate the system may lead to the suspension of your account.

Anti-Cheat Policy
3.1. Every attempt to hack the system in any way will result in the account being blocked.
3.2. You may not use anything that automates tasks including, but not limited to, any software, plugin, script or automatic clicker.
3.3. If you find malfunctions or errors in the operation of the site, report them to the technical support service.
3.4. Every attempt to create fake accounts will be logged and the proceeds from fake accounts will be cancelled.

Account suspension
4.1. We have the right to suspend your account at any time for any valid reason, including, but not limited to, disrespect of our Terms of Service.
4.2. All blocked accounts will be reset, all referrals will be deleted, and no refund will be made.

5.1. Comrade-cash is not responsible for any delays or failures that are not directly related to Comrade-cash and are beyond our control.
5.2. Comrade-cash is not responsible for any tax payments to you for what you receive from us. You are responsible for declaring what you have received and paying your country's taxes .